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About Heroik



Our mission is to develop and harness media and technology to help organizations transform and grow by Doing The Formidable Work (DTFW).



Our digital platforms, media, workshops, creative & strategic consulting services and development programs focus leaders on essential themes, and provide discerning context for strategic and personal growth.



We live and operate with a high-performance culture, lead extraordinary lives and challenge ourselves and each other to do the impossible. We build, learn, lead, grow and enjoy every step.



We are a tight-knit community that lives, works, plays and explores together. We seek to grow close and serve each other. We offer a myriad of groups based on focus and function.



If you’re interested in getting Mission-Ready for The Heroik Life and willing and committed to Doing The Formidable Work, connect with us.


The professionals who continue to shape the Heroik Experience

Nicholas McGill

Founder & Chief Experience Officer

Joe Rohde

Business Development

Mike Penfield

Strategy & Operations

Giovanni De La Renta

Operations & Implementation


Your business needs a better growth engine to keep up with the speed of change. And that’s what we offer.


Dive Deep.

It takes many deep dives to define an identity, orient to it, develop it, and create a clear path to execution.
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1. H6 Strategy: Moving at The Speed of Change

Navigate the digital landscape with an approach designed to keep up with the speed of change.
[Start Your Strategy]


2. BRAND ARCH+ Building Resilient Brand Architecture

Bring the Business Story, Market Story and User Experience together in a world-class brand.
[Build The Brand]


3. T2P Process

Build a culture of discernment and relentless signal focus, with a Thought to Profit management process.
[Get Your Idea Off The Ground]


4. HXD: Design an Unforgettable Experience

Get intentional with designing unforgettable experiences for every user at every touchpoint.
[Start Designing]


6. #DTFW: Do The Formidable Work

Ideas aren't enough. Formidable obstacles old and new must be confronted head-on.


Advisors, Influencers & Outside Professionals who shape the Heroik Experience