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Design and Development

We design experiences for all of the senses. This unique ability enables us to create captivating projects. Whether they are on or off the screen, we design them to fit into the lifestyles of the target audience.  We view our projects in 9 dimensions of experience: what you can see, touch, taste, smell, hear, feel, sense, think and experience through the lens of time. Our Heroik Experience Design methodology enables us to get beyond the pixels and parts and into the hearts, minds and lives of the end user.


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Ways to Engage

we are

USER-CENTERED experience designers

Great design doesn’t just happen in a vacuum, it requires a keen, discerning eye for human behavior and data, a lot of empathy, emotional intelligence, and a commitment to constant exploration of creative expression with form and function.

Engagement Options

design services


Customer Experience

We walk our clients through an immersive, multi-channel customer experience design process to map journeys and touchpoints (products, collateral, media, processes, services and interactions). We use this process to enhance the existing experience, re-design touchpoints, or re-design the entire customer experience (CX) for the brand. 


Web Design

Your web presence is an extension of your brand that sets the tone of the experience customers and stakeholders will have with you.  We create mobile, responsive designs that look amazing on any device. Our designers immerse themselves in your industry, brand, and customer. Our collaborative design process involves you and your team every step of the way.


App Development

Useful, Mobile Applications live on the devices of your target audience and occupy more mind-share by nature. This can increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty. Equally important are custom application your team uses to do it’s job. Heroik can develop and address your development needs for both customers and employees alike.


Digital Asset Design

Yeah, we can draw, and paint, and scribble, and mock up just about anything, from artwork to ad visuals, logos and more. We can help you create the visual content you need to make an impact.


High Performance Workspace Environments

We use the latest in low-code/ no-code tools to develop customized professional workspaces in platforms like Notion, Coda, and Airtable.


Media & Information Products

Using an integrated approach to media, marketing and distribution, we know how to incrementally develop your content into commercial teaching and consumable products. Let us help you develop powerful media that aligns with your brand across all channels.




We will work with you to discover  (re-discover & reconnect) with your target audience, consider your unique brand attributes and objectives, and combine them with our insights.



We research and look at how users will engage and interact with the design, so that we can plan a design that will be several moves ahead and ready for the ever-shifting market.



Create a prioritized list of objectives that align with the larger project goals, to map the user experience and interface.



Content is King and it is everywhere. We look at how the content, pictures, words and sound best fit together to elevate the value of the overall experience.



We design the graphics, visuals, interactives and code to bring the project to life.


First and foremost you can expect that our efforts together are all collaborative, and they require that you and your team are committed to your declared goals, our shared project, and the formidable work in between.

We make the seemingly impossible possible. As a guide and sherpa, we make the path easier, but greatness is still a challenging journey to the top. And it’s not for most.


We WILL Do the Formidable Work.


We are here to DTFW – Do The Formidable Work – together with you.

The journeys we offer are not a fit for every business. We work with the select few who are committed to their cause, investing in themselves, their team, and their company, to achieve their goals.


How much will it cost? 

This is the number one thing you probably want to know. And nothing is worse than the wasted time behind the cat and mouse game of  “Book a demo / contact us”  you find when researching a vendor on the web.  We care about your time and our time and won’t waste it.

The cost of your Heroik Design engagement depends on the form of engagement, other factors uncovered through discovery, the degree of planning already performed, and required resources committed and supplied on your part.

There are generally 2 different ways to engage Heroik: Value based, and hourly based engagements.

Client Preferred

Value Based

We start by forming a conceptual agreement around the Design project, and the value of outcomes to you and the organization, factoring for the efforts and deliverables, and determine equitable terms based on this discussion. So you know in advance the road you are on. Generally, Heroik works on design projects that involve significant change management, digital transformation, collaboration, deployment/integration of new technologies and/or rolling out growth initiatives for significant programs. Our projects require significant multidisciplinary, strategic, management, technical and communication skills and expertise.  And depending on the design project, it can range in cost anywhere from $25,000 into hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. 

Pay as You Go

Hourly Based

We also offer straightforward hourly rates varying from $375 – $725 per hour per designer, with pricing varying on the particular acumen and experience you seek as you’ll see below. This is ideal for situations where you need a pro to operate on the fly, improvise, adapt, and/or mitigate an emergency. Clients are billed for any time spent on the behalf of the client or the project. This option is for those who absolutely need the flexibility, or do not have the time to discuss a value based engagement, or are trying to bridge the gap between engagements. 

Typical Design Rates

*Expedite fee rates start at $475 per hour for design requests with due dates within 7 business days.

*Estimated average design rates vary based on engagement, priority, designer availability, and are subject to change.

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