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For over 23 years, Heroik has pioneered a cross-discipline approach to applying design thinking, business strategy, and experience design and distilled into a holistic process to transform businesses. We have created  our own unique growth driven methodologies, processes, incorporated digital content, live workshops, service offerings, and development programs to focus, inform provide context to drive strategic growth for businesses, From Thought To Profit.


Phase 1 – Strategy & Roadmap

Get clear on your situation, condition, position, customer, needs, opportunities, and direction.

Phase 2 – Build the Foundation

Build the core systems, skills, assets, needed for the initial Sprint.

Phase 3 – Move With a Purpose

Put it together (Move, Execute & Communicate) – Get guided through repeated reps to develop a flow of continuous improvement.

Phase 4 – The Growth Gauntlet to ROI

The CAPSTONE challenge to assess what you’ve learned and calculate ROI

Phase 1 – Strategy & Roadmap

Get clear on your situation, condition, position, customer, needs, opportunities, and direction.



Identify Focus Areas

We begin by evaluating your current situation, goals, model, and processes, including brand, marketing, sales, and tech stack, and reviewing any existing strategic documents. We then collaborate with you to pinpoint gaps, define needs, identify growth opportunities, and establish key focus areas for your journey, documenting all findings.


Refine Market and Customer Understanding

Deepen your understanding of your market and customers, focusing on the details crucial for executing highly targeted campaigns. By emphasizing a customer-centric approach from the start, we ensure you comprehend your customers’ true desires and your potential roles in their journey, essential for downstream success.


Define The Avatars

Developing avatars for your key customer and stakeholder segments ensures your downstream efforts are focused on specific, high value users/customers, and designing solutions to lives and work.


Set Goals & Objectives For Your Program

Based on our knowledge and yours, we will work with you to determine the strategic path forward by establishing specific, measurable, attainable, and timely goals and objectives. Again


Prioritized Wishlist

Throughout the engagement, everyone on the team will keep a journal of ideas that will be presented in a collaborative session to create a wishlist of high-impact ideas that can be executed within the program duration. This wishlist will be prioritized and assessed based on impact and work capacity.


Develop Roadmap & Initial Sprint Plan

We collaboratively formulate a high-level roadmap, considering your resources, needs, and strategy, detailing the sequence of component & project development, required team members, and suggested resources. Additionally, we outline the initial work-sprint, incorporating strategies, key assumptions, target audience, theme, focus area, and progressive tactics.

Phase 2 – Build the Foundation

Build the core systems, skills, assets, needed for the initial Sprint.


Heroik Systems Introduction

We’ll introduce you to some of our own tools, data and analytics systems, Heroik methodologies, skillsets and resources. We will also help you identify and get the right tools for the job, define,cultivate and vet the essential talent, teams, tech, and needed skills & training for the journey. And we’ll put them to work.


Asset Development

We work with you to streamline your digital asset development process, cultivate great content, collaboration tools and teams that can accelerate your production speed and increase the quality of the content you produce whether it’s copy, articles, graphics or video.


Program and Project Management

Get empowered with Heroik training and access to our sophisticated systems and unique methodologies, ensuring you’re primed to meet your strategic objectives and project goals with optimum efficiency. Ensure clear communication, collaboration, task management, accountability, and real-time progress monitoring.


Data Driven Decision Making

Learn Heroik’s unique, data-driven approach emphasizing discernment and adaptability, transforming diverse data sources into actionable insights. We provide tailored, interactive training, empowering clients to navigate our systems and apply Heroik’s methodologies effectively.


Remove Internal & External Friction

Enhance customer attraction by maximizing convenience; streamline experiences by addressing and mitigating internal and external friction points in product or service delivery. Discover new tools and processes that are crucial to eliminate obstacles and enhance both internal operations and customer interactions.


Sprint Workshops

These are intensive sessions aimed at rapidly developing crucial project components through brainstorming, designing, prototyping, testing, and refining. They leverage collective team knowledge to generate optimal ideas and quickly produce high-quality prototypes for new solutions.

Phase 3 – Move With a Purpose

Put it together (Move, Execute & Communicate) – Get guided through repeated reps to develop a flow of continuous improvement.


Learn our Continuous Improvement Process

This step involves mastering our structured approach to ongoing enhancement, encompassing planning, building, testing, learning, sharing, and refining. It’s designed to foster a culture of perpetual learning and improvement, ensuring that every project is optimized for success.


Measure, Analyze, Review, Document & Communicate

This step is crucial for understanding project performance, involving meticulous measurement and analysis of relevant data, followed by comprehensive documentation and clear communication of findings. It ensures that all stakeholders are informed and can make data-driven decisions.


Course Correct, Optimize, & Refine

This involves making necessary adjustments to strategies and actions based on the insights gained, optimizing processes for better outcomes. It’s about fine-tuning every element to ensure alignment with goals and maximizing the impact of every action taken.

Phase 4 – The Growth Gauntlet to ROI

The CAPSTONE challenge to assess what you’ve learned and calculate roi


Assessment – Ruthless Root Cause Analysis

This step involves a thorough and uncompromising examination of all elements to determine what’s effective, what’s failing, and what’s been overlooked or abandoned. It’s about getting to the very core of issues and successes to understand the true drivers of performance.


Introduction to Innovation Lab / SWARM Process

This introduces a collaborative and dynamic approach to innovation, focusing on collective intelligence and rapid experimentation. It’s a space where ideas are generated, tested, and refined quickly, leveraging diverse perspectives and skills.


Red Room – Where bad ideas go to die.

This is the phase where ineffective and unproductive ideas are identified and discarded, ensuring that only the most viable and potent concepts are pursued. It’s a crucial filtering stage to avoid the pursuit of detrimental or futile initiatives.


Program Review, QA, & Calculating ROI

This involves a comprehensive review of the project, quality assurance checks, and stakeholder interviews to assess the return on investment in the context of today’s digital and knowledge-driven landscape. It ensures that every project is evaluated against modern standards and expectations, providing clear insights into its value and impact.


Knowledge & Skills Test

This step is about reflecting on and assessing the acquired knowledge and skills against the initial intake assessment. It provides a clear picture of the progress made and the areas that need further attention and development.


Capstone Challenge – X marks the spot

This is the final task, a comprehensive challenge designed to test all the learned skills and knowledge in a practical scenario. It’s the culmination of all the previous steps, providing a clear indication of the participant’s proficiency and readiness.


First and foremost you can expect that our efforts together are all collaborative. And they require that you and your team are committed to your declared goals, our shared project, and the formidable work in between.

We make the seemingly impossible possible. As a guide and sherpa, we make the path easier, but greatness is still a challenging journey to the top. And it’s not for most.


We WILL Do the Formidable Work.

We will apply our Heroik talents, and over 2 decades of experience to a tailored agenda custom-fit for your organization. 

The journeys we offer are not a fit for every business. We work with the select few who are committed to their cause, investing in themselves, their team, and their company, to achieve their goals.




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Heroik DATA-DRIVEN Insights

Unified Digital Workspace

shared drive mgmt.


assessment & analysis

We work to address core, root problems, not alleviate symptoms. Find the drip, fix the leak. This means getting real and raw about deep issues.

strategic planning

We put in the thinking time with you to develop strategies and plans that are workable. This is the hard work that most organizations avoid.

OVERWATCH & management

Using our Heroik systems, we advise and provide overwatch on your projects and teams you’re working with, to ensure they’re on task and things are humming the way they ought to.

Coaching & training

We have many multidisciplinary, adaptive skills to impart on leaders and teams. We offer Coaching & training for executive clients & teams who have earned the right to wield new powers.

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