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Introduction: Reinventing the AI Landscape with Heroik Innovation Lab (”The HIL”)

In the Heroik Innovation Lab (HIL), we are constantly chugging through mind-numbing academic research papers, with tons of math and crappy pictures, so we can take this kind of geekery, and roll it up into useful, everyday real-world applications. In this article, we’re going to do our best to cover some of the advanced geekery to help businesses grow and improve. And we will strive  to explain it in plain English and in an entertaining way.

Plain English Summary

We applied advanced techniques in AI with our bleeding edge unified workspace system and achieved better results across the board.

What does all this gibberish mean for business?

  1. Creating a unified system that works with advanced AI methods yields better results in terms of alignment of execution, productivity, creativity, innovation, collaboration, and quality of strategic intervention.
  2. If you take the time to invest in developing mission-ready strategic plans, you can program them into a single unified system that can drive alignment, data-driven decision making, and greater collaboration and productivity with your core teams or all of them.
  3. You can leverage the power of this unique, super-charged approach to AI that can leave others in the dust.
  4. The system can give you real-time feedback for refinements, the best of human and AI critiques and processes.
  5. The system is designed for iterative and incremental improvement by both humans and AI.
  6. If you’re not using these techniques, the competition will likely pass you by in terms of speed to execution, speed to market,

Who is it for? Is it just the enterprise?

Heck no. We go out of our way to find pragmatic, cost-effective solutions for small business as well. This can be deployed on everyday platforms for small and lean teams as well. We do this because scaling up is easy, but threading the needle, finding that sweet spot, comes down to reverse scale. People often think of scaling as one-way, when in reality scalable solutions should work for large AND small organizations. This is carved into the core of our culture and methodologies.

Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT4: Beyond the “Off The Shelf” Capability

We used methods found to make  your stock off the shelf, ChatGPT4  up to 4x better outputs, integrated them with our Heroik Intelligence Engine (HIE), and threw them all into integrated workspaces. The result was like Robocop, a system that is contextually aware, and brings in the best of the human side as well.

For starters, right out of the gate, the AI was more contextually aware of the goals, objectives, positioning, branding and strategies of the business. Who wants generic business advice devoid of contextual awareness of the business, its strategies, operating style, position and market?

This alone radically improved outputs. This unique exponentially improved strategic aim, feedback, alignment for all teams, and provided opportunities for human parts to make improvements. In summation we took a cyborg approach of the best of AI and the best of our methodologies, applied them to our unified workspace environments, and saw amazing gains across the board: in areas such as strategic business planning, product management, project management, marketing, digital asset management, sales, and analytics functions and processes.

Delivering Exceptional Outcomes: A New Era of Business Intelligence

With these enhancements, our system has become hyper-sensitive to your business' needs. It's not just aware of your goals, objectives, branding, and strategies – it's working to align them and your teams, in real-time for maximum impact. This strategic alignment doesn't just boost productivity; it revolutionizes the way teams collaborate and innovate. We've married the best of AI with our own methodologies, and applied this hybrid to our Unified Workspace Environments (UWE’s).

Transcending Boundaries: Unleashing Heroik Intelligence and Augmented AI Across All Business Departments

The impact of these advancements is not limited to one department or process. Instead, it has triggered widespread improvements, accelerating business growth and innovation in areas such as strategic business planning, product management, project management, marketing, digital asset management, sales, and analytics functions.

Strategic Business Planning:

The predictive capabilities of AI, combined with Heroik’s post-training engineering, provide strategic insights that improve decision-making, optimizing the business planning process.

Product Management:

Heroik has a 20 year history of developing solutions from thought to profit, long before the field of Product Management existed. And we take our soup-to-nuts experience with strategy to implementation and management, and wrestled with the AI integration to help streamline product management processes, from ideation and development to market launch and post-launch improvements.

Project Management:

There’s no longer a need to skip steps or to cut corners on the essential project management workflows. Your Unified Workspace Environment (UWE) is plugged into the intelligence engine, as well as Heroikly enhanced AI. Thus giving you the ability to create, manage, analyze, assess, and refine projects faster and more efficiently, boosting efficiency, reducing waste and risk, all while reducing the time to market.


Nothing’s worse than vanilla AI output your customers hate, except for maybe automating that crap shoot. In this system, it utilizes the context from your marketing plan, content strategy, positioning statements, and other strategic documents to give you a tailor-made output. Using the incremental intervention features, these are further refined, allowing you to sharpen your outputs without radically transforming your plans. These context-driven and data-driven insights elevate marketing strategies, optimizing campaign performance and enhancing customer engagement.

Digital Asset Management:

Assets need to be described and aligned with the plans, context, functions and strategies of your business. Our approach to asset management makes information easily accessible and actionable.


While predictive analytics can enhance sales forecasting, improving inventory management and customer satisfaction, it can only work if it starts with an accurate model. Integrating the incremental AI and contextually aware approach to your unique sales process, can yield better and more accurate results.

Analytics Functions:

Your organization’s ability to process and interpret performance data is essential to business. You need to be aware of the leaps of logic applied at every step. Using the Heroik Intelligence Engine (HIE) in an Unified Workspace Environment (UWE), gives you more holistic data in one place, analyzed with enhanced AI that is biased with the context of your business,  enabling data-driven decision making and business optimization.

The Persistent Digital Universe – The New Business Frontier

The emergence of advanced, no-code tools, accessible knowledge management, asset management, and workspaces into a single Unified Workspace Environment, along with integration of generative AI technology has already started to change the way we do business. It’s making operations more efficient, accurate, and strategic. It's opened doors to opportunities we have been waiting years for. By fostering a close partnership between human intellect, knowledge management, and advanced AI capabilities, businesses can now scale rapidly, outperform competitors, and foster innovation like never before.

It’s now easy to contemplate that every organization creates and maintains its own Persistent Digital Universe. Think of it as your own universe of products, features, cultures, stories, methods, etc. All your “stuff” and your Digital DNA, connected.  It’s not just for the superhero movie franchises anymore. The rise of the Persistent Digital Universe is the future we’ve been designing for since 2000, when we started the Digital Liquidity Project. We’re now quickly approaching the means to generate, connect, organize and integrate everything together in a single space. And new opportunities and challenges will arise as it continues to unfold.

Time, Space & Team Collaboration:

This system’s ability to understand and align with business objectives results in more coherent and cohesive team collaboration whether synchronous (real-time) or asynchronous (on your own schedule). It provides a platform for communication and shared understanding, bridging the gap between departments and fostering a culture of inclusivity and synergy.

Innovation Acceleration:

Armed with contextual awareness, and opportunities for human intervention, while bringing all knowledge together in a connected system and workspace, using this system AI functions shoulders routine tasks, allows teams to focus on creative and strategic aspects of their roles, and more analysis, refinement and alignment to improve results. This not only boosts job satisfaction but also accelerates the pace of innovation within the organization.

Risk Management:

AI's predictive capabilities provide invaluable insights into potential risks, allowing businesses to plan and implement preventive measures in advance. This not only mitigates loss but also builds a robust, resilient business model.

Customer Satisfaction:

By understanding customer behavior and preferences, AI can deliver personalized customer experiences. This not only boosts customer satisfaction but also builds brand loyalty, driving long-term business growth.

Privacy & Security:

Our system properly deployed anonymizes the AI calls via multiple methods including hiding in the light through a cohort of (noise) requests, and are stripped of the context for each token request, and the requests themselves span different AI systems. So the central system is aware of all the context, but the AI, not so much. However, privacy and security concerns are ongoing – but at this stage of the game, it’s like seeking to go skydiving and asking if anyone will see you… perhaps not if you go at night, but that presents a whole other slough of challenges.

AI – The Future of Business

AI's impact on business is far from over. As we continue to delve into the potential of this technology, we expect to uncover more avenues for its application. Businesses that choose to integrate AI into their operations now stand to reap enormous benefits in the long run.

The journey we've embarked on with the Heroik Intelligence Engine (HIE) represents the dawn of a new era in business. We've harnessed the power of AI to create a work environment that's more productive, innovative, and strategic than ever before.

To put it in plain English: by marrying the best of AI and human intelligence, we're setting a new standard for business operations. And the future? It's as exciting as it is limitless.

Businesses ready to embrace this AI revolution are set to witness a growth trajectory that's not just exponential but also sustainable. This fusion of human potential and AI prowess is not just about doing business – it's about redefining it. The future of business is here. It's powerful, it's transformative, and it's driven by advanced AI. So, are you ready to step into the future?

The Potential Impact: Paving the Way for a Business Renaissance

By utilizing this unique approach, leveraging a robust intelligence engine, and super-charged AI and bringing it into a unified workspace, it has transformed all aspects of  business. We've witnessed unprecedented growth and efficiency. It's not just about doing more; it's about doing better, more strategically, and when you’re ready, stomping on the gas pedal. It's about bridging the gap between human potential and technological prowess. It's about making bleeding-edge business techniques not just a playground for the the enterprise but building competitive platforms for all to innovate and excel.

The benefits we've seen are just the beginning. As we continue to explore and harness the combination of our systems with advanced AI techniques, the scope for improvement is limitless. Creating systems that allow for the fusion of AI, Heroik and human intelligence, we are truly entering a new era of business growth and innovation.

So, are you ready to embrace this revolution and turbocharge your business growth? The future of business is here, and it's a Heroik endeavor screaming for your attention.

Back Story, Science and Details

Geek Speak: What We’re Doing

We analyzed recent methods regarding process supervision vs. outcome supervision methods in AI, and incorporated both incremental and iterative features for human and AI intervention, in our unified workspace environment (UWE). Everyone has their own approach to workspaces these days. In our case, think of it as one space for knowledge management, business intelligence blended with the various workspaces, processes and workflows in a single system of connected data and assets.


Persistent Digital Universe: You can’t build future-proof innovative systems without a vision of the future.

When dealing with business and technology trying to plan for the present, things change so fast, while implementation often feels so slow, that you have to plan for a certain future-state. And to plan for the future, you need some concept to stretch exponentially beyond what we believe as possible now… just to feel out that 10 year mark and beyond. For Heroik, we operate on a conceptual model of a Persistent Digital Universe, wherein we try to connect everything, all the knowledge of a business, the information, data, workflows, in a connected space for ourselves, our work, and participating clients in the HIL.

As a society, we are scratching the surface of the paradigm shift wherein, everyone can create, manage and maintain

Digital Liquidity Project: You can’t have your own digital universe without understanding your Digital DNA.

These two concepts are key, as they inform the micro and macro Heroik approaches to developing innovative, resilient, and future proof digital solutions from thought to profit.

Advanced AI Reading

If you’re AI supergeeks like us, you’re probably regularly reading all sorts of nerdy academic papers on RL, and follow OpenAI’s “Research Index” AKA their blog. They provide straightforward math and behind the scenes work to make things in the AI world better.

OpenAI are the folks behind ChatGPT4. They wrote a paper titled “Let’s Verify Step by Step”

In it they compared outcome supervision to process supervision. If you like reading academic papers, by all means, go read it. For those who prefer more digestible information, Don’t worry, I’ll explain.

Process Supervision provides feedback for each intermediate step. This means AI is given a cookie for doing things the right way.

Outcome Supervision on the other hand, provides feedback on the final result. This means AI is given a cookie for getting the right answer, regardless of how it arrived at that answer (including guessing, cheating, etc.).

The conclusion of the paper, after a bunch of math, is that Process supervision came back as a superior approach to improving the AI math outputs and “approximation of human outputs”. Open AI only tested these concepts on math. We are focused on a whole new level, and work with our participating clients and partners in the HIL (again, the Heroik Innovation Lab),

More Reference Material for the geeks out there:




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