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In the legal realm, the importance of reliable IT infrastructure cannot be overstated. From managing vast amounts of confidential client data to ensuring seamless communication, law firms require robust IT solutions. Moyer Parshall & Tweedy, a prestigious law office, recognized this need early on. To maintain their reputation for excellence and ensure the utmost client satisfaction, they sought a trusted IT partner. This is where Heroik stepped in.



Lawyers are notorious for wanting their workflows consistent, regardless of changes in technology and innovation. Managing the IT needs of a top law firm requires balancing the evolutionary market demands along with performance demands and security needs for multiple offices. 

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The Challenge

Moyer Parshall & Tweedy faced multifaceted IT challenges. With a growing clientele and the increasing complexity of legal cases, they needed advanced eDiscovery support services. Additionally, the firm required a dependable backup solution, ensuring that their vast reservoir of critical data was always protected and accessible. They sought an IT partner who could not only address these challenges but also provide consistent support over the years.

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The Solution

Heroik, with its rich expertise in IT management, presented a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of Moyer Parshall & Tweedy.

Frictionless IT Management

Heroik implemented a state-of-the-art IT management system, ensuring that the law firm’s operations ran seamlessly. This included a dedicated help desk service, ensuring that any IT-related issues were promptly addressed, allowing the legal team to focus on their cases without any technical hindrances.

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eDiscovery Support Services

Recognizing the intricacies of legal cases, Heroik provided advanced eDiscovery support services. This enabled Moyer Parshall & Tweedy to efficiently manage electronic information, ensuring they could retrieve critical data whenever required, giving them an edge in their legal proceedings.

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Robust Backup Solutions

Heroik introduced a multi-faceted backup solution, encompassing local, remote, and cloud-based systems. This ensured that the law firm’s data was not only secure but also easily retrievable, providing them with peace of mind and ensuring continuity in their operations.

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Empowering Through Education: Training & Workshops on Emerging Technologies

In addition to the robust IT solutions provided, Heroik recognized the importance of keeping the Moyer Parshall & Tweedy team abreast of the rapidly evolving technological landscape. To ensure the law firm remained at the forefront of legal tech advancements, Heroik introduced a series of training sessions and workshops tailored specifically for the firm. 

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Customized Training Sessions

Understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by the legal sector, Heroik developed training modules that were both relevant and actionable. These sessions covered a range of topics, from the basics of new software integrations to advanced functionalities, ensuring that the Moyer Parshall & Tweedy team could harness the full potential of their IT infrastructure.

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Workshops on Emerging Technologies

The tech world is in a constant state of flux, with new innovations emerging almost daily. Heroik curated workshops that delved into these emerging technologies, providing insights into how they could be leveraged in the legal realm. This proactive approach ensured that Moyer Parshall & Tweedy was always a step ahead, ready to incorporate the latest tech advancements into their operations.

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Hands-on Learning Approach

Recognizing that the best learning often happens in action, Heroik’s training sessions and workshops were designed to be highly interactive. This hands-on approach ensured that participants could immediately apply what they learned, leading to better retention and practical application.

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Continuous Learning Support

Heroik’s commitment to education didn’t end with the workshops. They provided continuous support, offering refresher courses, updates on the latest tech trends, and a dedicated helpline for any tech-related queries. This ensured that the Moyer Parshall & Tweedy team always had a reliable resource to turn to, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.

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Through these educational initiatives, Heroik empowered Moyer Parshall & Tweedy to not just adapt to the changing tech landscape but to thrive in it. The training and workshops provided the tools and knowledge required to harness the power of emerging technologies, ensuring that the law firm remained at the cutting edge of legal tech innovations.


Measurable Outcomes

With Heroik’s comprehensive IT management and continuous education initiatives, Moyer Parshall & Tweedy not only addressed their immediate IT challenges but also future-proofed their operations. The firm could seamlessly integrate the latest tech solutions, ensuring they remained at the forefront of the legal sector. The two-decade-long partnership stands as a testament to Heroik’s commitment, expertise, and the tangible results they delivered.

20+ Years of Trust

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Heroik’s consistent delivery of top-notch IT services cemented their position as the trusted IT partner for Moyer Parshall & Tweedy. For over 20 years, Heroik remained the go-to IT service manager, a testament to their reliability and expertise.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

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With Heroik’s IT management services, the law firm experienced unparalleled operational efficiency. The dedicated help desk ensured that technical issues were swiftly addressed, allowing the legal team to operate without any hitches.

Secure Data Management

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The eDiscovery support and robust backup solutions provided by Heroik ensured that Moyer Parshall & Tweedy could manage and access their data securely. This played a pivotal role in their legal proceedings, ensuring they always had the necessary information at their fingertips.


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For over two decades, Heroik stood as the pillar of IT support for Moyer Parshall & Tweedy. Their comprehensive IT solutions, tailored to the unique needs of the legal realm, ensured that the law firm could operate seamlessly, manage their data securely, and focus on delivering excellence to their clients. The enduring partnership between Heroik and Moyer Parshall & Tweedy stands as a testament to Heroik’s commitment to excellence and their ability to foster lasting relationships built on trust and reliability. 


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