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Schott & Lites Advocates

A premier advocacy firm in Sacramento California based in specializing in transportation issues.


Digital Presence, Infrastructure & Communications

Schott & Lites Advocates LLC, a leading firm in advocacy and lobbying, plays a pivotal role in shaping public policies across various sectors, from rail transportation to small business startups. Their comprehensive approach to advocacy, combined with their association management and business consulting services, makes them a force to reckon with in the legislative landscape. However, to maintain their edge and ensure seamless operations, they needed robust IT management services. Enter Heroik.


Frictionless IT Management

The typical approach to IT services is a heavy hand with security, and a tertiary concern for productivity, performance, agility and flow. Heroik does not take the typical approach to Information Technology. Our approach is rooted in principles of digital liquidity that emphasize a more frictionless experience for the end clients. 

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The Challenge

With a diverse range of policy arenas and a vast clientele, Schott & Lites Advocates faced challenges in managing their IT infrastructure. They needed systems that would not only support their current operations but also scale with their growing needs. Additionally, they sought to enhance their digital presence and brand identity for several of their clients, ensuring a consistent and impactful online representation.

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The Solution

Heroik, with its expertise in IT management and digital transformation, stepped in to provide a holistic solution.

Frictionless it management

Heroik implemented a streamlined IT management system, ensuring seamless operations. This included a robust help desk service that addressed IT issues promptly, minimizing downtime and ensuring continuity in Schott & Lites’ critical advocacy efforts.

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BYOD & Frictionless IT Practices

Recognizing the need for flexibility and agility in today’s dynamic environment, Heroik introduced BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) practices. This allowed Schott & Lites’ team to use their devices, ensuring they were always connected and could work from anywhere. Additionally, Frictionless IT practices were implemented, enabling the use of preferred tools and software without compromising security.

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Digital Presence & Branding

 Heroik took charge of designing the digital presence for Schott & Lites’ and several of their clients. This involved creating cohesive brand identities, ensuring consistency across various digital platforms, and enhancing online visibility, and Schott & Lites ability to provide communications and association management services. 

Schott & Lites Brand

Measurable Outcomes

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

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With Heroik’s IT management services, Schott & Lites experienced a significant boost in their operational efficiency. IT issues were addressed promptly, and the team could focus on their core advocacy efforts without being bogged down by technical glitches.

Increased Digital Visibility

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The digital branding efforts led to an enhanced online presence for Schott & Lites’ clients. This not only improved their visibility but also positioned them as thought leaders in their respective sectors.

Flexibility & Security

The BYOD and Dark IT practices introduced by Heroik ensured that the Schott & Lites team had the flexibility to work as per their preferences while ensuring that security was never compromised.


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Frictionless IT MANAGEMENT


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