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Trusted Advisors Group

Develop the brand, experience design and digital presence an elite trusted advisors association.


Creating a professional advisors platform focused on creating synergies through serving needs, deals and wants of its members.

Trusted Advisors Group (TAG) is a visionary organization with a mission to make a significant difference for local business owners, fellow members, and the broader community. With its unique approach of exclusive membership and leveraging the power of small groups, TAG has established itself as a hub for business professionals to connect, collaborate, and grow.

The Challenge

While TAG had a clear vision and a unique model, it faced challenges in establishing a strong brand identity and digital presence. The organization needed a platform that could facilitate its monthly meetings, presentations, panels, and breakout sessions. Moreover, TAG wanted to incorporate its unique “Trios” concept, where members would have smaller breakout meetings to deepen relationships. The challenge was to translate this unique model into a cohesive digital experience while also expanding its business model to include new strategic partnership components.

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Each month, TAG members gather to connect with each other, exchange information, view presentations, learn and collaborate.

During the monthly meetings, they offer presentations and panels on a range of subjects based on the expertise and needs of members.

Trios – A meeting of three. At the end of each monthly meeting, our members schedule smaller break out meetings with two other members, to deepen their relationships and learn more about each other. These meetings are required to be scheduled between each monthly event and members are required to attend.

TAG is built on the Know, Like, Trust & Refer model. Heroik served at the founding and development of the association and its initial digital platform design.

The Solution

Heroik stepped in at the foundational stage of TAG, bringing its expertise in digital platform design and brand identity creation. The solutions provided included:

Brand Identity Creation

Heroik crafted a brand identity for TAG that resonated with its vision of making a significant difference in the business community. This identity served as the foundation for subsequent digital and offline materials.

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Digital Presence Design

Recognizing the importance of a robust digital platform for TAG’s monthly meetings and presentations, Heroik developed a user-friendly and interactive platform. This platform not only facilitated the monthly events but also seamlessly integrated the “Trios” concept, ensuring members could easily schedule and attend these crucial breakout sessions.

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Business Model Expansion

Heroik went beyond just digital design, assisting TAG in expanding its business model. Soft Infrastructure & New strategic partnership components were introduced to the business model roadmap, adding layers of value for TAG members and partners.

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With Heroik’s expertise, TAG transformed from a visionary concept into a tangible, functioning organization with a strong brand identity and a dynamic digital presence. The platform developed by Heroik became the backbone of TAG’s monthly events, ensuring smooth scheduling and execution of presentations, panels, and the unique “Trios” breakout sessions. Moreover, the expanded business model positioned TAG as a valuable partner in the business community, driving more engagement and collaboration.

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Heroik’s work with Trusted Advisors Group is a testament to its ability to understand a client’s vision and translate it into actionable solutions. By developing a strong brand identity, a cohesive digital platform, and an expanded business model, Heroik played a pivotal role in TAG’s journey to achieve its mission of making a significant difference in the business community.


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