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Well Crafted Wealth

Develop a platform to bring together Consumers, Professional, Personal & Financials Services, and the Financial Technology (FinTech) Community.


Creating a platform aimed to serve affluent individuals and families seeking to protect, grow, and manage their abundant lifestyles by matching them up with the right dream team of exceptional professionals with the expertise, resources and tools.

In the intricate world of wealth management, the challenge is not just about growing wealth, but also about protecting it and aligning it with lifestyle goals. Well Crafted Wealth (WCW) envisioned a platform that would serve as a nexus for consumers, financial professionals, and the burgeoning FinTech community. The goal? To provide a holistic, integrated approach to wealth growth and protection. Enter Heroik, with its formidable expertise in digital strategy and innovation.


The Challenge

WCW’s vision was grand. They aimed to unite diverse stakeholders – from individual wealth holders to financial service providers – under one digital umbrella. The platform needed to:

  • Offer a seamless user experience for both B2B and B2C audiences.
  • Integrate cutting-edge technologies with traditional wealth management practices.
  • Facilitate collaboration among ‘wealth teams’ comprising various professionals.
  • Distribute content management efforts across participating teams, ensuring a consistent brand narrative.

The challenge was not just about creating a digital platform but about crafting a digital ecosystem that would redefine how wealth management operates in the digital age.

Well Crafted Wealth logo

The Solution

Drawing upon its vast experience with similar associations and consortiums, along with their unique methodologies, Heroik embarked on a journey to transform WCW’s vision into a digital reality. The solutions provided were both comprehensive and innovative:

World-Class Brand Creation

 Branding is more than just a logo or a tagline; it’s the very essence of an organization and the experience everyone has with it. Heroik crafted a brand identity for WCW that encapsulated its values, vision, and mission; with WCW’s ethos of trust, expertise, lifestyle and innovation. This branding ensured that WCW was perceived as a trusted, expert, lifestyle-oriented and innovative entity in the wealth management media space.

WCW background logo

Comprehensive Digital Strategy

At the heart of the project was a robust digital strategy. Heroik recognized that for WCW to stand out in the crowded wealth management space, it needed a digital presence that provided a better experience for consumers and professionals alike. The strategy encompassed everything from user engagement, innovative interaction design, member services for both consumers and professionals, providing the tools to ensure success teams could properly coordinate and collaborate. This ensured that WCW’s digital footprint was expansive yet precise.

WCW screenshot

the hub: asynchronous, collaborative, unified workspace

WCW close up screenshot

Building deep relationships through shoulder to shoulder project work is a critical component of the GEC experience.  And developing a branded culture based on both remote and in person work is a top priority. So Heroik developed a unique workspace hub, where members and leaders could easily collaborate, communicate and track progress of their work, while having the mission, vision and values of the GEC reinforced throughout the experience. 

Integrated Communications Platform

To ensure seamless communication across the platform, Heroik implemented an omnichannel approach, ensuring consistent messaging and user experience. In today’s digital world, users engage with brands across multiple channels. Whether a user was on the website, a social media page, or an email newsletter, they received a consistent and seamless brand experience.

msv baseball camp landing page mockup

Formidable Content Strategy

Content is the currency of the digital age. Heroik developed a content strategy for WCW that positioned it as a thought leader while still aligning to the ethos of the brand. From insightful articles, engaging media, and captivating presentations, the content was designed to inform, educate, and engage WCW’s diverse audience.

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HXD – Heroik Experience Design

User experience is paramount. Using its unique HXD methodology, Heroik designed a platform for WCW that was intuitive, engaging, and user-centric. Every element, from the navigation menu to the CTA buttons, was designed with the user in mind.

business meeting review user journey mather sports village

Collaborative Innovation Hub

Under the hood, WCW takes an team-sport approach to wealth management. Recognizing this, Heroik developed a Collaborative Innovation Hub for WCW. This hub served as a space where professionals could collaborate, share insights, and develop innovative solutions to complex wealth management challenges.

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Knowledge and Digital Asset Management Systems

Information is power, but only if it’s organized and accessible. Heroik implemented a Knowledge Management System for WCW that ensured that all the valuable insights, data, and information were systematically organized, easily retrievable, and presented in a user-friendly manner.

Assets are the same way. They are powerful only so long as they are organized and readily accessible. From branding elements like logos and taglines to valuable content like articles and videos, Heroik ensured that all of WCW’s digital assets were meticulously organized, easily accessible, and effectively utilized by multiple vendor teams.

Growth Engine Design & AI Operations

Growth is not just about acquiring new users; it’s about engaging and retaining existing ones. Heroik’s Growth Engine Design ensured that WCW’s platform was internally data-driven with connected systems, while at the user experience level not just attracting users but was engaging them, retaining them, and ensuring that they became brand ambassadors. 

In addition, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing every industry, and wealth management is no exception. Heroik integrated AI operations into WCW’s platform, ensuring tasks were streamlined and operations were efficient. The AIM Assist System took this a step further, with AI taking on managerial responsibilities, working alongside human managers to ensure optimal operations.

Custom Digital Workspace Design

Every organization is unique, and so are its digital needs. Heroik crafted a custom digital workspace for WCW, ensuring that it was tailored to its unique operational, strategic, and user engagement needs.

Dirigible Architecture & Digital Liquidity Matrix

Using Heroik’s unique methodologies for rapid prototyping combined with a decision engine based on maximizing the flow and value of information ensured agility and value maximization. Information flow is crucial in the digital age, maximizing its value in your favor is a critical capability. Heroik’s Digital Liquidity Matrix ensured that information flowing in or outside WCW’s platform flowed seamlessly, was easily accessible, and added value at every touchpoint.


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The result was a state-of-the-art digital platform that redefined how wealth management services were delivered and consumed. WCW, with Heroik’s expertise, was not just offering financial services but a holistic wealth management experience. The platform facilitated collaboration, ensured consistent branding, and leveraged the latest in digital technology to offer unparalleled value to its users.

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Moreover, the AI-driven operations and management systems ensured that the platform was not just responsive but proactive, anticipating user needs and delivering solutions even before they were sought.


The Heroik – Well Crafted Wealth project stands as a testament to what can be achieved when vision meets expertise. In a world where wealth management is often seen as a staid, traditional sector, WCW, with Heroik’s help, has shown that it can be as dynamic, innovative, and user-centric as any other industry. The project has a suprising waitlist for professionals and advisors seeking to be added to the professional roster, and partners to be matched with users.  The future of wealth management is digital, collaborative, and user-centric, and WCW is leading the way.



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