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Kevin Cooper,
WW HP Forecaster, Hewlett Packard

“Over the last 10 years, Heroik has been working to assist us in addressing our needs and aligning our business processes with strategic thinking to better serve our customers.

Heroik has constructed our executive communication process to clarify our strategy by keeping our customers and the sale of our services in focus. Drawing inspiration from Professor Michael Porter’s Five Forces framework, Heroik has created processes to link our strategy, aligning our teams and eliminating non-value-added processes. Their consultancy has redirected or removed efforts, allowing us to connect with customers and deliver services more efficiently than we could have done without their expertise.

Heroik excels in envisioning products and services. Starting with the customer in mind, the resulting offerings resonate with our customers while seamlessly integrating into the company’s overall structure. Heroik’s team communicates project steps clearly and navigates projects across various organizational levels, engaging with C-level leaders, mid-level managers, and individual contributors. This inclusive approach guarantees that every step is not only well-defined but also executable.

Heroik’s profound grasp of technology, coupled with experience in both traditional and online customer engagement, sets the company apart. Their adeptness in developing models that streamline processes, reduce costs, and effectively reach and sell to new customers stands as one of their invaluable contributions. Should you require any assistance, feel free to reach out to Heroik.

Heroik’s system to develop clear and usable Brand Identity

Heroik’s systems helped us create and drive a brand that is easily identified by customers.  Their team used internal/external measurements resembling Six Sigma design processes to generate a brand that provides omnichannel consistency.

Heroik understands that a brand is more than just a logo and they worked with us to ensure that we understood our culture, and systems, which is our brand. They committed to helping us understand  ourselves so we can create internal/external alignment. This ensured that our team members were able to support the values of our brand and provide a clear customer experience.

Heroik captivated and engaged our team – and our customers. The result was a clean and complete set of processes that created a clean and complete digital interface.  The digital presence was inviting and engaging across the omnichannel and provides a smooth and memorable customer experience.

Maintaining consistency across omnichannel platforms is paramount. Heroik provided a smooth set of processes and tools so that our brand identity is cohesive – whether customers interact online, through social media, or in-person. This unwavering commitment helping us meet our customers where the customer wants to meet us is vital.

By prioritizing internal/external alignment, embracing experiential design, and maintaining consistency across omnichannel platforms, they have positioned us to succeed.

Heroik’s core: Do the Formidable Work First

Heroik’s approach resembles Six Sigma and Project Management processes forming a baseline that gave us a foundation.  However, their insistence that we look at the larger issues, included reviews of our company that ensured that we understood the 5 main forces (echoing Micheal Porter) that impact our efforts.

Heroik was able to interface with leaders, managers and workers and create discussions that energized the larger changes we need to make.  Their efforts aligned our efforts and created systems to deliver the brand we wanted customers to see.

Heroik helped us polish our system by also insisting on a 5th Discipline approach (similar to Peter Senge) that allows us to review and learn and get better.”

Kevin Cooper,
Chairman of the Board
Throwdown Robotics