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to build world-class brands.

We use a unique, experiential method to strategically build world-class brands. A coat of paint and a new website are not enough to earn a place among the stars of your industry. These days world-class brands are deep, cultural experiences that fill the senses, and wow their target audience. We help our clients create that for their customers. We bring the brand to life from thought to profit.


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Building a world-class brand is an ambitious choice to attempt to create something in the noisiest and most competitive business environment in human history. The speed of business in the Modern Age leaves little room to develop substance, yet that is precisely what markets and audiences demand in return for their attention.

We believe, that what sets brands apart as World-Class, really boils down to substance.

A World-Class brand operates on an experiential philosophy, where the work culture is a lifestyle choice, a flagship product and integral part of the brand itself. 

World-Class brands accept and adapt to changing market conditions, taking advantage of trends, and developing a discerning resilience to the dud-fads aren’t aligned to their values.

Heroik approaches brand development with design-thinking, namely leading experientially with empathy. We design brand experiences to align the strategies, activities, goals and culture of the organization and its target audience. This level of alignment is at the heart of driving engagement, trust, retention and growth.

Heroik has been thriving in this game for over 20 years. Let us help bring your brand to the top.

Versatility, Balance & Timelessness

Character, Purpose & Story

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Brand Strategy

We walk our clients through an immersive and creative branding process, where the goal is to come out with a character of substance; an identity and strategic brand narrative that aligns with the target audience inspires high performance and motivation among internal teams.


Visual Identity & Clearly Defined Character

People judge books by their covers and brands by their visuals, long before they even know what you do or can help them achieve. We will use our expertise in design-thinking and experience design to help you choose the look, feel, palette and logo for your unique brand.


Naming, Brand Slogans and Taglines

What’s in a name? Everything. The destiny of your brand between obscurity and stand-out hit often comes down to the name. We work with new brands to craft the perfect, meaningful name, with strategic considerations for the goals and capabilities of our client companies. 


Business Collateral & Digital Asset Management

The right piece of business collateral forms a lasting impression; keeping the brand top of mind. Whether it’s a business card that looks and feels like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket, or Swag that is cherished forever, we have a talented group of designers that will make sure you’re providing an experience that is on point with your brand.

HD, Professional,
Brand Video

Brands are experiences – just like feature films. So bringing your brand to life means showing how it moves on the screen. We offer cinema worthy, professional HD, video production to ensure the world cannot ignore your brand.




We will work with you to discover  (re-discover & reconnect) with what makes your brand unique and resonate with your target audience, how it energizes  your employees, and other insights and  opportunities to elevate that power.



After our initial discovery, we work with you to uncover the core values of the brand, operating culture, and personality to define who your brand is and what it stands for.



We design a brand experience on as many channels and mediums as you can dream up, from logos, to palettes, to web presence, swag, video and more, we can bring your brand to life from thought to profit.



We will help you implement your new brand across all your digital presence and channels.

create a world-class brand

World class brands are experiential and strategic. They align goals, culture, character, and purpose in unforgettable experiences with your customers, stakeholders, and teams.

level up your leadership & Culture

If you’re seeking to drive sustainable, high performance & successful teams, your leadership style and  company culture needs to be clearly defined and aligned with your brand.

Leverage Your Brand TO Scale Your Business

A brand that inspires high performance, brings teams and customers to rally under your flag, and creates more scalable opportunities.

USe YOUR BRAND to build your empire

When a brand becomes more than a sticker and a coat of paint; it becomes a lifestyle, a movement, a substance all its own. It creates value and meaning and requires an entirely new playbook.

Elevate Your Brand Beyond a Pitch and a Paint Job

Elevating your brand from a mere logo and tagline, and transforming it into the symbol of a movement, lifestyle, culture and fan favorite is no easy feat. It requires deliberate planning, design, and consideration across many different areas of business and interaction.

A brand isn’t just what your customer sees or feels, but you, the owner, the stakeholders and your teams and employees think, feel and perceive as well. Your culture, your values are part of your brand.

The more thoughtful, deliberate, and disciplined your brand strategy, the more value you can pump into your brand. The more brand value, the more margin, options, and opportunities.

If you’re mission-ready and committed to do the formidable work (DTFW), let us be your guide on this transformational journey.


Your Business Deserves
A World-Class Brand.

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