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Heroik Insights + Unlimited Web Design, Unparalleled Hosting and Upkeep

Embark on a Digital Odyssey with the
Heroik Digital Overwatch Program

Transform your digital strategy into a competitive advantage.

The Essential Digital Foundation

Your online presence is the bedrock of digital agility for the discerning business in an ever evolving digital landscape. This program ensures we don’t just manage your digital presence and hand you access to data; we deliver clarity and actionable wisdom that sharpens your decision-making.

Heroik-Managed, Data & Design-Driven

Wrap your digital efforts in a managed cocoon of Heroik data-driven and design-driven insights, hosting, maintenance, security and opportunities for continuous improvement. The result? An online platform that’s not only responsive but resilient – monitored and optimized for peak performance, ensuring that your digital efforts are integrated into a seamless experience.

Insights Tailored for Titans of Industry

Dive into data-driven decision-making with Heroik Insights, crafted for the leaders shaping the future.

 Limitless Possibilities

Integrate your existing systems with our cutting-edge platform for a frictionless digital experience

Advanced Analytics & Heat Maps

Visualize the impact of your digital presence with advanced analytics tools. Empower your decisions with data that speaks to you, highlighting user behavior, trends, and actionable feedback.

Optimized Performance

Revolutionize your online presence with cutting-edge strategies that drive performance and deliver measurable results.

Protection at the Forefront

Fortify your digital assets with unmatched protection measures, safeguarding your enterprise’s future.

Unlimited Web Design

Unlimited Web Design
Our H-Pro, H-Prime, and H-Max program tiers feature unlimited web design change requests ensuring your presence looks the part in perpetuity.

Elevate Your Digital Presence with Heroik

Imagine having the power to harness the essence of your business data without drowning in its complexity. Envision a world where you can navigate the digital realm, making informed decisions without the worry of hidden costs. Welcome to Heroik’s Digital Overwatch Program, where we bring this vision to life, ensuring your site remains vibrant, secure, and ahead of the curve.

What We Offer

We’re bringing all the Heroik insights into a direct experience plugged into your world to elevate your game:

  • Heroik Insights – Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights.
  • Unparalleled Hosting & Upkeep – Ensure your site’s optimum performance and security.
  • Unlimited Web Design Requests – Keep your site fresh, engaging and future proof.
  • Advanced Analytics & Heat Maps – See what the humans are doing not the bots

💡 Heroik’s Overwatch Program

A 1-year program designed to elevate your digital literacy and data-driven decision-making, this program is your gateway to a tech-forward organization. We guide you through every step, enhancing your digital presence and leveraging data to keep you ahead in the market.

*All programs are subject to Heroik’s Terms of Use.

Which Option is Right For You?

Yearly Pricing

Save over 50% when committing to yearly pricing!

*Prices shown require a yearly commitment.

Need More? H-Max Has You Covered!

*All programs are subject to Heroik’s Terms of Use.

 Why Heroik?

  • No Hidden Design Fees – Straight forward pricing and program tiers for unlimited design requests.
  • Expert Heroik Guidance – Work directly with Heroik consultants, including our founder.
  • Flexibility – Multiple ways to request designs, from forms to Loom videos.
  • Design Satisfaction Guaranteed – Web Design Revisions until you’re 100% satisfied.

💬 FAQs

Is the model and fee a retainer structure?

Not at all. This is a consultative and collaborative program. The bulk of the value is in Heroik’s expertise, guidance and feedback on your current website. This is not a retainer in any way, shape or form. The fee structure is a fee for participating in the program.

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer and do all this myself?

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level designer now exceeds $100,000, plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Also, senior-level designers don’t have the cross-disciplinary acumen of Heroik. So their thought process on what should be designed is likely very different from ours.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

Once enrolled in the program, you’re able to add as many design requests to your queue as you’d like, and they will be delivered one by one.

How fast will I receive my designs?

On average, most requests are completed in just two-three business days or less. However, more complex requests can take longer.

What’s Included in the program?

Heroik Hosting and Maintenance 

Keep your site, fast, sexy, and secure.

  • Website Hosting:  Heroik is responsible for providing  the web storage space, server resources, and various tools and technologies required  to make the website accessible on the Internet. 
  • Regular Discerning Updates: This includes updating the WordPress core, plugins, and themes. Updates often include security patches and new features, so it’s essential to stay current. Unfortunately not all updates play nice together, putting everything on auto-update leads to continuous breakage, downages, bugs and other conflicts.  Thus, the site administrator must maintain a current knowledge of the underpinning technologies including WordPress,  Themes and the various plugin and code-conflicts, and how to mitigate them. Additionally, each website configuration is different (different combinations of code, plugins, and integration). Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” automagic solution – one must be attentive, mindful and informed to the particulars of the website, which requires time, expertise, effort and attention. 
  • Backups & Restoration: Regular backups of your entire website (including the database) are essential for disaster recovery. Automating this process through plugins or your hosting service can make it less burdensome. Restoring from a backup requires understanding of various types of backups, (e.g. site-wide vs. differential, database vs. file, etc.), and with an awareness of the state of the site content and configuration prior to restoration. No-one wants to lose data or content, and restoring from a backup without being aware of the current state of the site, often results in the loss of data and content, which would mean duplication of work. There is no “one size fits all” automagic solution – one must be attentive, mindful and informed to the particulars of the website, which requires time, expertise, effort and attention. 
  • Security Scans: Regularly scanning your site for malware or other security issues is crucial. There are plugins available that can perform these scans and alert you to any issues. When an issue is detected it has to be mitigated, and there are many possible actions that can be taken. The site administrator needs to be aware of the particulars of your unique website configuration and the potential impact of any mitigation measure to determine the best path forward.There is no “one size fits all” automagic solution – one must be attentive, mindful and informed to the particulars of the website, which requires time, expertise, effort and attention. 
  • Password Security & User Role Management: Ensure that all users have strong, unique passwords. Also, the website’s administrator account should be well-protected, perhaps even with two-factor authentication. Additionally, the number of users with admin-level access to your site are limited. The general rule of thumb being to provide the minimum level of access required for users to do their work.
  • Monitor and Optimize Website Performance & Uptimes: This involves checking your site speed and uptimes regularly. And in the event of an issue arising, not only being able to troubleshoot or mitigate the situation, but recommend a course of action that takes into account plugin changes, theme changes and other factors that may impact site performance. 
  • SSL Certificate: Make sure you have a valid SSL certificate in place for website security and to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Spam & Spoofing Protection: Implement measures to protect your site from spam such as CAPTCHA on forms or comment sections, and spoofing efforts (people impersonate your website or email). 
  • Database Optimization: Over time, your WordPress database can become bloated with unnecessary data. Regularly clean and optimize your database. This service impacts site performance and speed.
  • Situational Awareness of the Custom Site Configuration: In general, in order to perform these responsibilities, the site administrator must constantly be updating their knowledge of the evolving technologies, platforms, plugins, codes, regulations, and security concerns and the potential conflicts, side-effects, and mitigation strategies of even the implemented fixes involved in the unique assortment and combinations of technologies that make up your website. This requires ongoing labor, skill and expertise, and that’s part of the fee structure for maintenance. 

Analytics Systems 

Our analytics systems cover: total Sessions, Pages Per Session,Time on site, Referring Traffic , Device Type, Operating System, Country of origin. 

In addition to the basics, we also provide advanced analytics data that looks at even more interesting information like: 

  • Heat Maps – that show the hot spots of where on the page people click the most, and what sections of the page they are most likely to view. 
  • Number of distinct users (people not bots)
  • Avg. Scroll Depth – How far down on the pages of the website do people go? 
  • Section Access – A breakdown of how much of your traffic interacts with different sections of each page on your website. 
  • User recordings – literally videos of what users do when they’re on your site 
  • Rage Clicks, Excessive Scrolling, Dead Clicks, Code & Errors

Regular Insight Meetings

Discuss the analytics, website and get Heroik Insights and recommended action steps. Discussion topics may include:

      1. Where is traffic coming from? How might we get more?
      2. Which traffic is converting? How might we increase conversions?
      3. Where are people getting lost?
      4. What are people most interested in?
      5. How many people are looking? From where? Which device?
      6. What design changes can be made to improve results?
      7. What additional tools can be implemented to improve results?
      8. How are we doing this year compared to last year (for renewing clients)?
      9. What other data can we track to learn more about what’s working and what’s not?

Unlimited Web Design Requests (for Advanced, Premium & Elite Tiers)

Keep your website fresh and future proof. Take all of the action items from the meeting and make them happen. No more waiting for months or years, no more getting nickeled and dimed in design fees. 

Who are the designers?

You will work with Senior Heroik consultants. The odds are, you’ll work directly with me, founder of Heroik. However, Power Up requests such as animations or custom illustrations are provided by partner designers.

What if I don't like the design?

No worries! We’ll continue to revise the design until you’re 100% satisfied. Your feedback will be the next request we address.

Is there any web design work you don't cover?


Web design work is limited to a single domain per client unless otherwise agreed to. 

Web design work refers to design work for that specific single client website, and does not include third party tool or technology integrations. It is limited to layout, content, connectivity and design of the self-contained website.

Additionally, Heroik does not cover the following design work: 3D modeling, animated graphics (GIFS, etc.), document design (medical forms, etc.), complex packaging, and extensive print design (magazines, books, etc.).

What is not covered in hosting & maintenance?

Unless otherwise agreed to, the following is not covered:

  • Additional plugins or integrations not included or present at the time of the agreement. The client is responsible for providing and placing content. At Heroik’s sole discretion, Heroik may choose to help in this regard. This service is not covered in the program, but is more of a courtesy service to save the client additional fees.
  • New pages, new design and layout changes are subject to additional costs both in terms of adding and maintaining. Heroik’s web designed fees are publicly published here: https://heroikmedia.com/design-development/#pricing
  • Technical support beyond the defined parameters here. Important distinction especially for Basic tier users: Maintenance and hosting is kind of like property management. We take care of the appliances and leaks. If your room is messy, you don’t call your landlord, you call a housekeeper. Maintenance does not include cleaning up your content. Cleaning up content is design work. If you’re an Advanced, Premium, or Elite member, you may request that as a design change, but it’s important to understand the difference between maintenance and content changes.
  • If you really trashed your site with content, we can restore from backup, and while this may feel like a total house cleaning, you may walk into the digital equivalent of an empty refrigerator or cupboard. We’re talking about data loss. Monthly backups are included. So restoring from backups may mean stepping into a time machine to a time when some content didn’t exist. Pro Tip: Don’t use the backup/restore or time travel as a means of cleaning up your room or your content on your website. You can mess up the space time continuum. It should only be used as a last resort.
  • Adding new pages, changing the layout, adding gizmos (new technologies offering updated features and benefits), new code, or new integrations not present at the time of the agreement, all adds more complexity, risk, vulnerability, liability, and thus adds to the costs of managing your site. To protect the security, quality and performance of the site as a whole, any third party plugin that jeopardizes the overall website integrity will be removed at Heroik’s sole discretion. So check with us before you try to load up on plugins or integrations, so we can make sure everything is compatible.

Ready to Elevate Your Digital Presence with Heroik?

Embark on your digital transformation journey with Heroik’s Digital Overwatch Program and experience unparalleled value, innovative solutions, and transformative results!

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Heroik Hosting and Maintenance

Experience peak performance and impenetrable security with Heroik Hosting and Maintenance. Our suite ensures your digital presence is both captivating and fortified.

  • Website Hosting
    Heroik provides the backbone for your digital presence, offering robust web storage and server resources. We make sure your website is not just online but primed for optimal performance and accessibility.
  • Regular Discerning Updates
    Navigate the dynamic web with Heroik’s curated updates. We meticulously update your site’s core, plugins, and themes, integrating new features and essential security patches while expertly preventing any conflicts that may arise.
  • Backups & Restoration
    With our comprehensive backup solutions, your content’s safety is never in question. Our nuanced approach to backup and restoration means your website can be promptly recovered to its last best state, without any loss or redundancy of content.
  • Security Scans
    Our vigilant security protocols scan and shield your website from malware and vulnerabilities. We ensure that any detected issues are addressed with precision, tailored to the unique configuration of your website.
  • Password Security & User Role Management
    Strong, unique passwords are the gatekeepers of your digital domain. We advocate for fortified user access, implementing two-factor authentication and limiting admin privileges to maintain stringent security.
  • Performance & Uptime Monitoring
    Heroik’s monitoring keeps your website at the zenith of speed and availability. We proactively troubleshoot, ensuring sustained peak performance and providing strategic recommendations for any necessary adjustments.
  • SSL Certificate
    Secure your site and enhance your SEO with an SSL certificate. It’s not just about security; it’s about trust and ranking, both of which we help you achieve.
  • Spam & Spoofing Protection
    Our defenses against spam and spoofing are impenetrable, safeguarding your site with advanced measures like CAPTCHA and email impersonation protection.
  • Database Optimization
    Keep your website’s engine running smoothly with our database optimization services. We cut through the clutter, enhancing your site’s performance and responsiveness.

Heroik Situational Awareness

Our maintenance is backed by an ever-evolving understanding of the digital landscape. Your website is managed with an expert awareness of the technologies and strategies that define the modern web.

  • Personalized Knowledge
    We don’t just maintain; we master the unique intricacies of your website’s ecosystem. Heroik’s dedicated team possesses deep knowledge of your site’s specific configuration, needs, and potential growth pathways, ensuring bespoke care and attention.
  • Seamless Expansion
    Our intimate understanding of your tech setup positions us to facilitate smooth expansions. When it’s time to scale up, Heroik acts as the architect and engineer, making the transition as swift as it is seamless.
  • Proactive Intervention
    Our ability to preemptively identify and address issues before they become problems brings added value to our clients. With our hands-on approach, we’re able to engage with precision and speed, minimizing downtime and maintaining momentum.
  • Tailored Solutions
    Every aspect of your site is cataloged in our strategy playbook, allowing us to implement solutions that are not just effective but perfectly tailored. From security protocols to performance optimizations, our actions are as unique as your website.
  • Client-Centric Engagement
    At Heroik, we pride ourselves on a symbiotic relationship with our clients. Your goals are our objectives, and our extensive awareness of your digital landscape empowers us to deliver not just solutions but strategic advantages.
  • Effortless Support
    Because we are so attuned to your specific setup and needs, our support requires less effort on your part. Requests for assistance or enhancements are met with rapid, informed responses that align closely with your business’s rhythm.

Advanced Analytics Systems

Discover insights that drive success with Heroik’s Advanced Analytics Systems.

  • Core Analytics
    We track vital statistics such as session counts, user engagement, and traffic origins, providing you with a clear view of your website’s performance.
  • Advanced Data Analytics
    Our sophisticated tools go beyond the basics, offering heat maps, user behavior insights, and detailed interaction breakdowns to truly understand your audience’s journey.

Regular Heroik Insight Meetings

Heroik’s strategy sessions translate data into action. We discuss traffic sources, conversion trends, and user experience to continually refine and elevate your digital strategy through our Heroik lens and 20+ years of experience. 

In every aspect, from hosting to analytics, Heroik Hosting and Maintenance exemplifies commitment to excellence, ensuring your website is not only operational but exceptional.


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