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A growth engine is a custom combination of self-reinforcing activity systems designed to give your business a sustainable competitive advantage. It’s the strategic answer and framework that leads to finally doing the required and formidable work. And that’s what we help our clients do.

It starts with the formidable deep work of discerning and critical thought.

We start by consulting to really get beyond the symptoms and start uncovering the root issues. Resolving the root issue offers greater returns than simply addressing a symptom with yet another band-aid approach. From there, we collaborate to refine the activity systems of the business to shift in the desired direction.

assessment & analysis

We work to address core, root problems, not alleviate symptoms. Find the drip, fix the leak. This means getting real and raw about deep issues.

strategic planning

We put in the thinking time with you to develop strategies and plans that are workable. This is the hard work that most organizations avoid.

OVERWATCH & management

We advise and provide overwatch on projects and teams you’re working with, to ensure they’re on task and things are humming the way they ought to.

Coaching & training

We have many multidisciplinary, adaptive skills to impart on leaders and teams. We offer Coaching & training for executive clients & teams who have earned the right to wield new powers.


For our major engagements, for clients with the drive to dominate their market, we roll up our sleeves and put our methods to work, creating, building, managing, and refining.

Heroik Brand Narrative

Since we operate in a unique soup-to-nuts capacity, our approach to developing brand narratives is a bit different, more in depth and experiential. Why? Because we actually use the narrative to drive the various marketing, content, web and experiential design strategies, that in turn determine your various touchpoints, campaigns and results. Since we’re not a mow, blow and go crew, this requires a lot of careful thought to help you dominate your market and succeed in your industry.

Soup-to-Nuts Design: Web, Assets, Experiential, etc.

Our expertise and knowledge come from building things, breaking things, and a heavy interdisciplinary, cross-functional playbook of ways to design, develop, manage, optimize, and sustain successful digital presence, stunning visuals and experiences.

Copy-writing, Ghostwriting, Scripts and More

It’s not enough to communicate in pictures, we must be literate and capable with words too, and the many forms and places they are found: copy, blog articles, press releases, books, scripts for videos, podcasts and so on. “Words, when spoken out loud for the sake of performance, are music. They have rhythm, and pitch, and timbre, and volume. These are the properties of music and music has the ability to find us and move us and lift us up in ways that literal meaning can’t.” 

Marketing Campaigns

There are many ways to run marketing campaigns. Digital, analog, guerilla, commercial, classic, innovative, and many styles in between. We’re biased towards performance, the bottom line and alignment with the brand. This means that our recommendations and campaigns we create may take any number of forms, on a wide array of channels, depending on the brand, business, goals and metrics.

Content Strategy

You need to know the arc of your brand and themes of stories your brand is going to champion. Transforming these themes into a mix of timely and evergreen content requires careful thinking and strategy. And it’s something we excel at.

Marketing Strategy

If it’s not written down, it’s not a strategy, and it doesn’t exist. We plan, aim, and agree to commit to targets on paper. We review our results and try to refine our efforts. But make no mistake, it is the plans that make up the self-reinforcing activity systems of a growth engine. Without them, the all tactical approach is doomed to failure.

Grow to Market Strategy

How is your organization going to grow over the next 5 to 10 years? How will you make strides towards those goals this year and this quarter? This is what we help our clients determine, layout and achieve, in our grow-to-market strategies.

3 Dimensional Management Strategy

Managing teams is hard. Doing it with a masterful level of accountability for time, energy, and attention is more challenging but also a key discipline to achieving sustainable high performance. We teach the ins and outs in a holistic approach, focused on sustainable high performance.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is the ability to pick the right set of metrics and attack them to drive positive outcomes that expand the organization. It is the ability to ignore the 99% industry noise and discern the 1% signal relevant to your individual organization, and put those numbers to work in your business.

Process Optimization

Under the hood of your organization are any number of processes, many if not most are informal and habitual. Process optimization allows us to formalize the most efficient and effective means of getting things done; systematizing them through documentation and training, and ensuring compliance.

Proof of Concept Validation, R&D and Innovation Labs

We know how to bring ideas to life from thought to profit. We run Innovation Lab with projects that span the globe and are active on 4 continents for the past decade. We know how to get crafty and develop new solutions by combining ideas from a wide variety of disciplines, playbooks industries, and an equally wide network of collaborators. When it comes to remote collaboration, we know all about the little things that make a difference.

Strategic Relationships and Referral Pipelines That Produce

Any idiot can network, but few can make networking lucrative and fruitful. We’ve got our own discipline when it comes to developing, courting, nurturing, and sustaining strategic relationships, keeping score, and establishing referral pipelines that continually produce. How’s your dealflow? We can help.

Digital Transformation for the 21st Century

One of the keys to digital transformation that is almost never discussed is a literacy agenda. If you don’t understand how the tech works in your business, it’s utterly useless to you. The best toys you have are the ones you play with. The ones you use are the ones you know how to play with. We help organizations not only leverage technology, but understand and become literate in its tenants. One of our key methodologies is digital liquidity which measures the flow and value of information as it travels through different technologies, platforms, and from the screen to the brain itself. It’s not enough to “have” tech, you need to have a keen understanding in order to leverage it to grow your firm.

our platforms & methodologies

These things don’t happen by accident. We operate on methods and value systems that are found nowhere else in the noisy world. 

h6 strategic platform


brand arch+

t2p process


We Believe at the end of the day, what you really want is growth.

to get there you need to do the formidable work (#dtfw)


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