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Trusted Advisor Program (H-TAP)

Heroik Media presents the Trusted Advisor Program, a beacon in the digital wilderness, guiding you to strategic mastery and unmatched digital prowess. Embrace a year-long journey, meticulously crafted to amplify your organization’s digital strategy, leadership, and customer engagement. 

Elevate Your Digital Journey With Heroik

From $43,200 or $3,600/mo. for 12 months





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A year long program without equal. Now with new dashboard architecture.

Unlock Digital Excellence with H-TAP:
Your Trusted Advisory Program

Dive into the heart of your digital ecosystem and confront challenges, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities as they arise. With H-TAP, you’re not just managing your digital landscape; you’re mastering it. Elevate your digital leadership and literacy, craft a transformative strategy, and foster a unified digital vision that propels your organization forward. Embrace the future, today, with H-TAP.

Why Choose Heroik?

1. Comprehensive Digital Strategy – Dive into a program that covers every aspect of digital leadership from strategy development to customer engagement.

2. Tailored to Your Needs – Whether you’re starting out or looking to enhance your digital presence, our multi-tiered approach offers a solution for every stage of your journey.

3. Expert Guidance – Benefit from Heroik digital strategists and real-time practitioners who bring over 20 years of experience bringing ideas to life From Thought to Profit.

4. Signature Hybrid Approach – Engage in immersive, digital-first learning environments tailored to your digital journey.

5. Straightforward, Up Front Pricing – We do not hide our fee structures to lure or trick our clients EVER. We are direct, honest and proud of the work we do and the value we deliver.

6. Lasting Value – Our engagements are designed to leave our clients with many timeless, adaptive, and repeatable systems, insights and results.

Our Program Tiers


Build your digital foundation with essential tools, strategies, collaboration, unified vision and a means to measure progress.


Elevate your Customer Engagement Strategy with advanced insights and tactics.


Transform your organization with our comprehensive digital leadership package.


Experience the pinnacle of digital transformation with our most exclusive tier.

Each tier is designed with your growth in mind, offering a range of services including the Heroik H-TAP Dashboard, advisory sessions, in-depth training, deep dive digital assessments and action plans.

BUILT-IN RALLY POINTS to drive Stakeholder engagement

Clear communication and getting stakeholder buy-in is critical to the success of any initiative. At each of the 4 phases of the program, Heroik facilitates a stakeholder communication plan and rally point. This ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page and rowing in the same direction.

craft a Unified Digital Vision & The Means to MEasure Progress

See where the world is going in relation to the context of how your organization will adapt across a rich landscape of customers, technology, competition, and core trends. Gear up for the road ahead with a clear understanding of your tailored, digital landscape coupled with Heroik’s subject matter expertise. Determine your digital North Star based on strategic insights, operating model(s), value drivers, and alignment to your overall organization’s vision. Anchor that vision with metrics that can actually measure your progress toward that vision. This is the foundation of charting a course for your Digital strategy and evolution.

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ProGRAM Overwatch: Ensuring Excellence at Every Step

In the H-MAX tier of the Heroik Trusted Advisor Program, Program Overwatch emerges as a hallmark feature, offering a pinnacle service and comprehensive and dynamic command center. Heroik meticulously tracks and aligns your strategic objectives, KPIs, and key initiatives directly on your H-TAP dashboard. The Program Overwatch offers oversight on project milestones, budget, and resources but also maintains a keen eye on risk management, stakeholder engagement, and mission-critical technology performance. Its core strengths lie in providing centralized, real-time oversight, fostering enhanced collaboration, and enabling data-driven, agile decision-making. With Program Overwatch, you gain the power of proactive strategy adaptation, risk mitigation, and optimized resource utilization.

the H-TAP DashboarD: Your Command Center

Access our cutting-edge, collaborative workspace environment for tracking and monitoring. Stay on top of issues, opportunities, risks, recommended actions, adopted actions, and impact reports relevant to your journey through the program. Simplify complex information and streamline your decision making process. Stay informed and agile with updates on digital trends and market shifts tailored to your organization.

Heroik Advisory Sessions:
From new Insights to next Actions

Engage in personalized sessions with our team of Heroik experts, tailored to your industry and organizations. Tackle your unique challenges with solutions that are specific to your organizational needs. Our experts align with your vision, bringing a blend of insightful guidance and practical exercises that propel your business forward.


Stay ahead of the curve with monthly sessions covering the latest trends, market analysis, and aligning your digital strategy with industry dynamics.

  • Market Insights – Regular updates on digital trends and market dynamics, enabling you to stay ahead in a fast-paced digital world.
  • Strategic Adaptation – Utilize these insights to refine your digital strategies and maintain a competitive edge.
  • Track Progress & Issues – Major digital risks, any issues, dependencies, opportunities and action plans are all stored and tracked on your H-TAP Dashboard without you having to lift a finger.


Enhance your digital literacy starting with foundational training modules. The modules cover a broad array of concepts in digital strategy, technology and integration, all the way to advanced concepts such as AI, IoT, and Machine Learning.  Build your knowledge and become well versed in digital trends and practices.

Deep Dive Digital Assessment & Analysis

All tiers of the H-TAP program begin with a deep dive digital assessment and analysis of your organization’s current digital strategy and condition. This is a meticulous review of your organization’s digital presence, strategy, and infrastructure. It is designed to assess the effectiveness of the current digital initiatives, identify areas for improvement and kickstart your digital journey.


The H-TAP program has support and engagement options for every need including:

  • Collaborative sessions to develop customer personas, engagement goals, and a comprehensive communication plan.
  • Weekly or bi-monthly sessions to refine your digital presence, marketing strategies, and technology integration.
  • Leadership and Staff Training: Quarterly and monthly training sessions covering everything from foundations of digital transformation to advanced engagement techniques.
  • Dedicated chat support, and priority email and phone support for streamlined assistance.
  • Direct access to senior consultants & Strategic Acceleration: Let our team develop the strategy for your review.

*All programs are subject to Heroik’s Terms of Use.

Which Option is right for you?


*All programs require annual commitment. 


*All programs are subject to Heroik's Terms of Use.

💬 FAQs

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time team and do all this myself?

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level talent with cross-disciplinary skill set to even approach the category of what we do now exceeds $340,000, plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Also, senior-level talent don’t have the cross-disciplinary acumen of Heroik. They lack the knowledge and expertise to develop pragmatic, lean , adaptive,  and digitally liquid solutions that can keep pace with the evolution of this emerging field.  So their thought process on what should be designed is likely very different from ours. Simply put, even if you could have a team do all this in house, we’d leave them in the dust.

How does it work? What's the journey like?

The 4 phases are outlined below, but you can deep dive and learned step by step details of the 4 phase journey here.

Phase 1 – Strategy & Roadmap

Get clear on your situation, condition, position, customer, needs, opportunities, and direction.

Phase 2 – Build the Foundation

Build the core systems, skills, assets, needed for the initial Sprint.

Phase 3 – Move With a Purpose

Put it together (Move, Execute & Communicate) – Get guided through repeated reps to develop a flow of continuous improvement.

Phase 4 – The Growth Gauntlet to ROI

The CAPSTONE challenge to assess what you’ve learned and calculate ROI

What is the program like? What should I expect?

It’s like signing up for the Tough Mudder of Business. There are plenty of challenges, fun, and obstacles all mixed with Heroik culture and a little BUDS / Hell Week on the final stretch. But for those who complete the program, they and their organizations are transformed into a far more competitive and resilient condition than when they started.

The program is based on a 4 phase approach that is tailored to your needs and goals (after the initial deep dive assessment). This is a collaborative effort, so expect to be shoulder to shoulder with a Heroik consultant with regular meetings. We will be navigating exercises to develop agendas, projects, and to execute the development, management and integration of any number of solutions.

This is a hard journey full of formidable work. This is an accelerated program, that takes a 4-5 year journey and condenses it into a single year. Along the way expect to get uncomfortable and confront neglected areas of your business, learn new ways of thinking, new methods, tools, and ways of communicating and managing things.

There will be fun and creativity. It’s not all a grind. Many of the creative exercises along the way are fun and captivating for our clients, and we design them that way.
Heroik will provide you with access to our workspace environment that will be configured to your unique organization. This is a private Heroik environment where much of the work will take place, projects will be managed, files will be uploaded, insights provided and so on.

Who will I work with in the program?

You will work with Senior Heroik consultants. The odds are, you’ll work directly with Nicholas, founder of Heroik. However, Power Up requests may be provided by other partners.

How does the program support stakeholder communication?

All tiers of the program include built-in rally points with stakeholder communication plans at each of its four phases, ensuring cohesive and aligned team efforts.

What is the H-TAP Dashboard?

The H-TAP Dashboard is a collaborative workspace for tracking and monitoring issues, opportunities, risks, and more. It simplifies decision-making and keeps participants informed about relevant digital trends.

What are Heroik Advisory Sessions?

These are personalized sessions with Heroik experts, tailored to your industry and organizational needs, focusing on unique challenges and providing practical, actionable solutions.

What does the Deep Dive Digital Assessment involve?

It’s a thorough review of your organization’s current digital strategy and infrastructure, assessing effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

What makes Heroik’s approach unique?

Heroik stands out for its comprehensive digital strategy, tailored solutions, expert guidance, hybrid learning environments, transparent pricing, and lasting value in engagements.

What does the Monthly Digital Sitrep cover?

These sessions offer updates on the latest trends and market analysis, helping align your digital strategy with current industry dynamics and track progress on identified issues.

Is this a retainer model?

Not at all. This is a consultative and collaborative program. The bulk of the value is in Heroik’s expertise, guidance and feedback on your current website. This is not a retainer in any way, shape or form. The fee structure is a fee for participating in the program.

Ready to Elevate Your Game with Heroik?

Embark on your digital transformation journey with Heroik’s Growth Accelerator Program and experience unparalleled value, innovative solutions, and transformative results!

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For over 23 years, Heroik has pioneered a cross-discipline approach to applying design thinking, business strategy, and experience design and distilled into a holistic process to transform businesses and the experiences they provide to their customers. And now that work has been distilled into an accelerated, year-long program to provide a tailored journey and trusted advisor to transform your organization and master customer engagement in the digital world. 

Select the H-Tap tier you’d like to deep dive and learn more about.


First and foremost you can expect that our efforts together are all collaborative. And they require that you and your team are committed to your declared goals, our shared project, and the formidable work in between.

We make the seemingly impossible possible. As a guide and sherpa, we make the path easier, but greatness is still a challenging journey to the top.

Together, we will Do the Formidable Work.

We will apply our Heroik talents, and over 2 decades of experience to a tailored agenda custom-fit for your organization. 

The journeys we offer are not a fit for every business. We work with the select few who are committed to their cause, investing in themselves, their team, and their company, to achieve their goals.

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