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Growth accelerator

A Comprehensive, year long, Heroik program designed to accelerate the growth and development of your business in the Digital Age.

For over 23 years, Heroik has pioneered a cross-discipline approach to applying design thinking, business strategy, and experience design and distilled into a holistic process to transform businesses. We have created  our own unique growth driven methodologies, processes, incorporated digital content, live workshops, service offerings, and development programs to focus, inform provide context to drive strategic growth for businesses, From Thought To Profit. And now that work has been distilled into an accelerated year long program. 

Welcome to the Future of Business Growth

The Pinnacle of Strategic Business Acceleration. Experience Unparalleled Growth and Innovation with Heroik.

Strategic Foundations: Building Your Success On Solid Ground

Our program begins with laying a robust strategic foundation, tailored to your unique business goals. We delve deep into understanding your vision, market, and potential, setting the stage for transformative growth. Like the powerful core of an advanced processor, it provides the essential framework for all your future growth. It’s meticulously designed to establish a strong, scalable foundation for your business, ensuring every step you take is on solid ground.

Weekly Collaborations: Where Ideas Thrive / Synergy in motion

Engage in stimulating weekly sessions with our team of Heroik experts. In these dynamic meetings, you’re not just a participant, but a co-creator of your business’s future. Our experts align with your vision, bringing a blend of insightful guidance and practical exercises that propel your business forward. These collaborative sessions are designed to ignite creativity, foster innovation, and ensure your project’s trajectory aligns seamlessly with your strategic goals.

Custom Projects, Personalized Outcomes, Tailored Transformation

Each project under the Heroik Growth Accelerator Program is as unique as your business. We tailor our approach to suit your specific needs, ensuring a bespoke solution that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Heroik Project Platform: Your Command Center

Gain access to our exclusive Heroik Project Platform. This cutting-edge digital space provides you with oversight, and real-time progress tracking of your projects. It is the control hub, a state-of-the-art digital environment where plans turn into action. It’s intuitively designed for maximum efficiency and engagement, offering a seamless interface for project management, file sharing, and insight exchange.

Insightful, user-centric and Data-Driven Decisions Every Month

Stay informed and ahead with our monthly data reviews. We dissect performance metrics, analyze trends, and provide actionable insights to continually refine your strategy and ensure optimal results. This feature transforms raw data into a clear, actionable narrative. These sessions reveal the finer details of your business performance, helping you make informed, strategic decisions.

Digital Asset Development Training: Creative Empowerment

Elevate your in-house capabilities, digital literacy and strategic understanding with our digital asset development training. Unlock your creative potential with our Digital Asset Development Training. Empower you and your team to produce stunning, high-quality digital content. From crafting compelling copy to creating engaging graphics and videos, this training elevates your content creation capabilities. From content creation to digital marketing tools, we equip you with the skills to sustain and amplify your digital presence.

Project Overwatch: Ensuring Excellence at Every Step

Using meticulous monitoring and proactive adjustments, we ensure your project not only progresses smoothly but also adapts to changing market dynamics, so nothing slips through the cracks. This vigilant feature ensures that all important work is on track and thriving. It acts like a sophisticated monitoring system, providing oversight and advice to keep your projects and teams aligned with your business goals, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted progress.

Join the Growth Accelerator Program Today – Elevate Your Business to Unprecedented Heights

Discover the Ultimate Blueprint to Transform Your Business in Just One Year

Every ambitious business leader knows that growth isn’t just about scaling; it’s about evolving every facet of your organization to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Our Growth Accelerator Program is meticulously designed to help you develop a robust growth engine, ensuring that each system in your business not only supports but also amplifies your overall growth trajectory.

Imagine having the power to work with a team of Heroik experts working across the various efforts of your business to increase revenue, decrease costs and maximize your bottom line.  Welcome to Heroik’s Growth Accelerator Program, a year long journey where we create tailor made roadmap, to develop, deploy, integrate and optimize digital solutions to your business. We manage the projects, provide the systems, and provide Heroik insights every step of the way.

Program Overview

We’ll be working with you through 4 phases, across core activity systems in your business to pursue goals tailored to your organization, including touching on any of the following:

Crystal Clear Strategic Vision

  • Align all your initiatives with your company’s core vision and mission.
  • Stay on a consistent path to achieve your overarching business goals.

Go Deeper With Your Market Signals

  • Make data-driven decisions with continuous market analysis.
  • Refine your positioning to stay ahead of the competition.

Embrace the Future with Tech

  • Integrate cutting-edge technologies.
  • Stay at the forefront of digital transformation.

Innovate with Purpose

  • Develop products/services that resonate with your customers.
  • Adapt quickly to feedback and market demands.

Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Base your strategies on actionable insights.
  • Stay ahead of trends with predictive analytics.

Streamline Your Sales Process

  • Streamline your sales process for maximum conversions.
  • Tailor your marketing efforts for unparalleled effectiveness.

Optimize Your Operations

  • Scale your operations smoothly as your business grows.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies for optimal performance.

Financial Growth and Stability

  • Diversify and optimize your revenue streams.
  • Invest wisely in impactful growth initiatives.

Build a Powerhouse Team

  • Attract and retain top talent in your industry.
  • Foster a growth-centric culture that drives results.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • Boost customer loyalty and get raving referrals.
  • Anticipate and address customer needs proactively.

Engage and Collaborate with Stakeholders

  • Build strong, value-driven relationships.
  • Foster collaborations for new growth avenues.

What We Offer

Expert Heroik Guidance, Flexibility & No Hidden Fees – Direct consultancy with experts, flexible information organization and transparent pricing.

 A 4 Phase Journey – From Strategy & Roadmap, Building the Foundation, Bring it all together & Finally, The Growth Gauntlet to ROI, all in one program.

Strategy & Roadmap Development – Strategic planning for business growth.

Identifying focus areas, refining market understanding, defining customer avatars – Understanding market and customer to target effectively.

Setting program goals & objectives – Establishing measurable goals for the program.

Prioritized wishlist creation – Planning, vetting and prioritizing actionable ideas.

Building foundational systems, assets, and skillsets – Developing essential resources for business growth​​.

Heroik Insights – Empower your decision-making with data-driven insights from an unrivaled team of cross-disciplinary geeks, nerds, and creatives.

Heroik Methodologies – We apply our unique Growth Engine methodologies including our signature H6 Strategy, T2P Process, Brand ARCH+,  HXD along with advanced principles of digital liquidity.

Advanced Knowledge Management – Increase productivity for your human and AI teams.

Advanced AI methods – No vanilla prompts, just crazy algo’s from our resident quants, with stepping, and access panel workflows.

Unparalleled Unified Workspace Environment – We create a digital space that is organized for both man and machine.

💡 Heroik’s growth accelerator Program

A 1-year, accelerated program designed to elevate your business,  drive your data-driven decision-making and knowledge management game to a whole new level.  We guide you through every step, enhancing your systems, processes, tools, workflows and digital capabilities while leveraging data to keep you ahead in the market.

🔥 Why Heroik?

  • No Hidden Fees – Plan unlimited Heroik requests.
  • Expert Heroik Guidance – Work directly with Heroik consultants, including our founder.
  • Flexibility – Multiple ways to gather and organize information, from Google Drive to Notion to PDFS and docs.

*All programs are subject to Heroik’s Terms of Use.

Which Option is right for you?


*All programs require annual commitment. 


*All programs are subject to Heroik's Terms of Use.

💬 FAQs

Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time team and do all this myself?

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level talent with cross-disciplinary skill set to even approach the category of what we do now exceeds $340,000, plus benefits (and good luck finding one available). Also, senior-level talent don’t have the cross-disciplinary acumen of Heroik. They lack the knowledge and expertise to develop pragmatic, lean , adaptive,  and digitally liquid solutions that can keep pace with the evolution of this emerging field.  So their thought process on what should be designed is likely very different from ours. Simply put, even if you could have a team do all this in house, we’d leave them in the dust.

What are the 4 Phases of The Program?

The 4 phases are outlined below, but you can deep dive and learned step by step details of the 4 phase journey here

Phase 1 – Strategy & Roadmap

Get clear on your situation, condition, position, customer, needs, opportunities, and direction.

Phase 2 – Build the Foundation

Build the core systems, skills, assets, needed for the initial Sprint.

Phase 3 – Move With a Purpose

Put it together (Move, Execute & Communicate) – Get guided through repeated reps to develop a flow of continuous improvement.

Phase 4 – The Growth Gauntlet to ROI

The CAPSTONE challenge to assess what you’ve learned and calculate ROI

What is the program like? What should I expect?

It’s like signing up for the Tough Mudder of Business, plenty of challenges, fun, obstacles, mixed with Heroik culture, and a little BUDS / Hell Week on the final stretch. But for those that complete the program, they and their organizations are transformed, and in a far more competitive and resilient condition than they started. 

The program is based on a 4 phase approach that is tailored to your needs and goals (after assessment). It is a collaborative effort. So expect to be shoulder to shoulder with Heroik consultant, meeting regularly and navigating exercises to develop agendas, projects, and execute the development, management and integration of any number of solutions. 

This is a hard journey full of formidable work. This is an accelerated program, that takes a 4-5 year journey and condenses it into a single year. Along the way expect to get uncomfortable and confront neglected areas of your business, learn new ways of thinking, new methods, tools, and ways of communicating and managing things.  

There will be fun and creativity. It’s not all a grind. Many of the creative exercises along the way are fun and captivating for our clients, and we design them that way. 

Heroik will provide you with access to our workspace environment that will be configured to your unique organization. This is a private Heroik environment where much of the work will take place, projects will be managed, files will be uploaded, insights provided and so on. 

Who will I work with in the program?

You will work with Senior Heroik consultants. The odds are, you’ll work directly with Nicholas, founder of Heroik. However, Power Up requests may be provided by other partners.

Is this a retainer model?

Not at all. This is a consultative and collaborative program. The bulk of the value is in Heroik’s expertise, guidance and feedback on your current website. This is not a retainer in any way, shape or form. The fee structure is a fee for participating in the program.

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Embark on your digital transformation journey with Heroik’s Growth Accelerator Program and experience unparalleled value, innovative solutions, and transformative results!

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First and foremost you can expect that our efforts together are all collaborative. And they require that you and your team are committed to your declared goals, our shared project, and the formidable work in between.

We make the seemingly impossible possible. As a guide and sherpa, we make the path easier, but greatness is still a challenging journey to the top. And it’s not for most.


We WILL Do the Formidable Work.

We will apply our Heroik talents, and over 2 decades of experience to a tailored agenda custom-fit for your organization. 

The journeys we offer are not a fit for every business. We work with the select few who are committed to their cause, investing in themselves, their team, and their company, to achieve their goals.

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