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Heroik offers comprehensive digital strategy consulting & implementation services.

We transform good ideas into sound strategies and bring them to life,
From Thought To Profit™.

We are Heroik Media & Technology Group

We specialize in digital transformation, AI management, integrated communications platforms, and more, aiming to modernize businesses and create world-class digital experiences.


Modernize your business to the bleeding edge with a think tank of professionals, creatives and growth hackers who do it every day for a living.

INTEGRATED Communications

We design, build, implement and manage integrated systems in your business to drive sustainable competitive advantage to put more wins on the board.

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AI For Business

We develop custom, integrated AI solutions for business, bringing asset and knowledge management together with AI to drive automation and provide a competitive edge for our clients.

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World Class Brands

We work beyond the logo to bring brands to life from pixel to people. We design major touchpoints, culture  and artifacts of the brand to create unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting and valuable impression. 


“One of the most striking aspects of Heroik’s program is its emphasis on pulling together data from diverse sources to supply context to agency, managerial, crew-agent, and individual agent-based AI approaches. This holistic perspective is at the cutting edge of AI management, facilitating a level of synergy and effectiveness that were previously unidentified. The ability to integrate and contextualize data from a wide array of sources empowers teams to develop AI solutions that are not only innovative but also deeply align with strategic goals and the specific needs of organizations.”
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Ryan Humphries

CTO, Evertide AI

 “Heroik has been instrumental in shaping our brand identity and communications strategy. Their branding expertise has elevated our organization’s digital presence, fostering trust and credibility among our audience. Their Integrated Communications Systems have facilitated interaction with our stakeholders, driving engagement and fostering meaningful connections with new members.”

“In addition to their technical skills, Heroik embodies true leadership. They advocate for a culture of continuous improvement and “Doing the Formidable Work” (DTFW), inspiring me and my team to push boundaries and strive for excellence in all endeavors.”
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Darin Ryburn

CTO/Trustee, National Peace Officers and Firefighters Benefit Association

Heroik excels in envisioning products and services. Starting with the customer in mind, the resulting offerings resonate with our customers while seamlessly integrating into the company’s overall structure. Heroik’s team communicates project steps clearly and navigates projects across various organizational levels, engaging with C-level leaders, mid-level managers, and individual contributors. This inclusive approach guarantees that every step is not only well-defined but also executable.”

“Heroik’s systems helped us create and drive a brand that is easily identified by customers.  Their team used internal/external measurements resembling Six Sigma design processes to generate a brand that provides omnichannel consistency.”
(Read the Full Testimonial Here)

Kevin Cooper

WW HP Forecaster, Hewlett Packard

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We transform good ideas into sound strategies

& bring them to life From Thought to Profit.™

Digital Strategy

Digital Transformation

AI Management

Integrated Communications Platforms

Knowledge Management Systems

Content Marketing

Unified Workspace Environments

Collaborative Innovation Hubs

Web 3.0 Strategy

Consulting Services

ESI Research & Support

What’s Your Goal?

Heroik Media & Technology Group understands your needs and can help you achieve your goals from thought to profit.

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Your business needs a better growth engine to keep up with the speed of change.
And that’s what we offer.


Dive Deep.

It takes many deep dives to define an identity, orient to it, develop it, and create a clear path to execution.
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1. H6 Strategy: Moving at The Speed of Change

Navigate the digital landscape with an approach designed to keep up with the speed of change.
[Start Your Strategy]


2. BRAND ARCH+ Building Resilient Brand Architecture

Bring the Business Story, Market Story and User Experience together in a world-class brand.
[Build The Brand]


3. T2P Process

Build a culture of discernment and relentless signal focus, with a Thought to Profit management process.
[Get Your Idea Off The Ground]


4. HXD: Design an Unforgettable Experience

Get intentional with designing unforgettable experiences for every user at every touchpoint.
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#DTFW: Do The Formidable Work

Ideas aren't enough. Formidable obstacles old and new must be confronted head-on.

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Heroik Media & Technology Group

DEFINE The Strategy

We look at existing goals, processes and value systems of your business and target market to evaluate growth opportunities and determine a path forward.


Create and understand a game plan that outlines which components need to be developed, in what sequence, identify the  needed team members, and recommended resources to consider.

GET the Right Tools

Procuring the right tools for the job, the right resources, talent, teams and tech and the skills to put them to work is essential to success.


Based on your business strategy and roadmap, we develop a compelling brand story designed to resonate with your target market, and drive business objectives.


We develop world-class experiences in digital presence, new media, events and the omni-channel; all of which can be broken down and up-cycled into multi-year marketing campaigns.


We gather & leverage the data to discern actionable insights and determine further growth moves.

Make Your Strategy a Priority.

We certainly will.

Heroik Media & Technology Group offers comprehensive digital strategy consulting and the ability to build ideas from thought to profit.

Level Up Your Digital Game 

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