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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is at the heart of our mission, and present in almost all of our projects.We transform good ideas into sound strategies & bring them to life From Thought to Profit.™

We have developed a unique approach combining design-thinking, brand message, consumer and business experience, along with oodles of data to provide digital strategies that support business growth.


Years in Business






Stages of Engagement

Developing a Sustainable Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age

Digital Strategy is all about how you leverage technology in your business. Your approach must be adaptive, scalable, fast, sustainable and secure. The digital strategy must embody and align with the overall business strategy, and if you don’t know your business strategy, then that’s the first place you start. We can help you develop and implement your Digital Strategy from Thought to Profit.

Engagement Stages

Crafting Digital Strategy


Competitor Analysis 

We walk our clients through an immersive, multi-channel competitor analysis to identify opportunities, compare capabilities and positioning and bring insights to light that can be leveraged in the marketplace.


Web Analytics Research

Unlike your typical data geeks, we have the unique ability to discern our way through the data, and drill down to the true signals of human behavior on the web, and focus on the audience that matters. We get under the hood of your market, industry, audience and competitors on the digital plane, and deliver insights and opportunities to your door.


Multi-Channel Analysis & Digital Ethnography Research

Sometimes, one channel is enough. Often however, you realize that your target audience and your competition use multiple channels that overlap and interconnect, and you want to understand it, so you can improve your own position. Using our Heroik tools we can help you uncover stakeholder behaviors in their native environments and channels and collaborate on strategic insights.


Procurement & Recommendations

Being digital natives for 17 years, running a global innovation lab with partner projects on 4 continents, we know a thing or two about lean, scalable toools, fit for startups and big behemeth tools for the enterprise. We can help you procure the right resources for your goals and objectives.


R&D, Proof of Concept & Innovation Labs

We can help you launch and manage your innovation lab or digital R&D lab. We can also provide graphical representations, outlines of key ideas or processes of the digital strategy to validate the efficacy of the components. Having a proof of concept or proof of failure can help you avoid costly mistakes and embrace new innovations.


Roadmap & Media Plan

We can collaborate with you to develop a high-level project plan which details the durations and dependencies of all the initiatives of a digital strategy, and design checkpoints to assess progress and success over time.

The Process


Identify Opportunities & Challenges.

We will work with you to discover the opportunities, issues, risks and challenges that may be addressed in your digital strategy. 


Uncover Specific Unmet Goals & Needs

Digital is an exponential paradigm shifter. The deeper you explore, the more you can discover. Often those discoveries include identifying unmet needs and goals you never knew digital could help you solve.


Create a Vision

Create a prioritized list of digital initiatives that align with the larger business strategy. Each initiative may comprise many projects to develop and execute.



In a methodical manner, we will help implement the initiatives for your digital strategy that match our capabilities and your business objectives.



Everything will change as you move forward, and we can help you identify what, where and when to pivot, hold the line or re-evaluate parts of your strategy.

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